There Are No Mistakes – Inspirational Quotes #57

This morning I saw an interesting image about the Yin-Yang symbol which made me think. Maybe, like me, you’ve made some choices that you felt were wrong decisions. I’ve sometimes found myself in situations in life, relationships, places, where I was really unhappy. In those moments I sometimes wondered how could I have made such […]

yin yang balance, there are no mistakes

Yoga - downward dog

Yogi Philosophy: The Yoga Beyond Asanas

My spiritual path as a yogi began when I was 15 years old. I was introduced to the ancient philosophy of the yogi masters in a surprising and unexpected way. As a young boy I had always been interested in paranormal or supernatural things, always exploring new ideas that pertained to the unseen dimensions of […]

Dealing With Emotional Blocks: Get Creative or… Have Sex!

Frustration, bad moods, irritableness, short-temper, can all be symptoms of emotional blocks. Emotional blocks develop when your energy isn’t able to flow freely. Energy can change form when it gets blocked, and results in emotional disturbances. When you can channel your energy into creative expression it is able to flow freely through your being. In the process you release those emotional blocks and achieve inner peace. Of course another way to let off that steam is to have some great sex!

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Inner harmony and life balance - inspirational quotes

Inner Harmony Comes From Life Balance – Inspirational Quotes #56

To have inner harmony doesn’t necessarily mean that your outer life is harmonious. Most of the time the external events of our life are things we cannot control. But we can achieve a certain degree of life balance in the way we choose to live. And balance is what leads to that sensation of inner harmony. […]

Wasting Time is Good for You! – Inspirational Quotes #55

How is your day going? Have you been wasting time? I sincerely hope so. Seriously, wasting time is too underrated these days! In today’s modern society too much emphasis is placed on being productive, getting things done, achieving stuff. But this is a misleading attitude. The true value behind any intention to be “productive”, is […]

Wasting Time Inspiring Quotes

Karma Pema Chodron Quotes

Let Go by Learning the Lesson of Karma – Inspirational Quotes #54 2

It’s not easy to let go. Painful memories, toxic relationships, harmful choices, feelings of guilt… it takes a lot of courage and deep inner shifts to really let go of that kind of stuff. And often, just when we think we’ve got it out of our system, it comes back around in a different form. We […]

Don’t Forget Your Connection with Nature – Inspirational Quotes #53

Today I have a very simple message for you. Please… don’t forget your connection with Nature. I think one of the saddest things about modern society, is that it is too easy to become disconnected from Nature. Many of us live in a concrete jungle. Add to that our hectic and stressful life, with work […]

Nature - Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes: Confucius - Respect

Respect Yourself and Set Your Boundaries – Inspirational Quotes #52

If I asked you “Do you respect yourself?”, I imagine you would most likely say “Yes, of course.” But then if I asked you “Do you have challenges with other people respecting your time and privacy?”, what would you say? If you are like most people, myself included, you probably struggle sometimes with family, friends, […]

Embrace Problems as Your Friend and Teacher – Inspiratinal Quotes #51

I hope you are having a tough day. eh… what? Yep, that’s what I said… I hope your day is going really difficult with lots of challenges and problems. I bet not many people wish you a tough day! The thing is if you are having an easy day, with no problems, then you are not learning […]

Inspirational Quotes - Vivekananda: Problems on your path

Steve Jobs Quotes- Follow Your Intuition

Be Strong and Follow Your Intuition – Inspirational Quotes #50

It’s really not so hard to know what your intuition is trying to tell you. Deep down inside you know. You know what you should do. You know what you’d rather be doing with your life, your relationships, your career. The mind may try to intellectualise, analyse, and over-think the issue. But you know. You know […]

Honour Your Own Sacred Space – Inspirational Quotes #49

To be effective in anything in life you need to have a secure foundation within yourself. It is from your centre of balance and peace that you can bring about transformation of yourself and your life circumstances. Without that solid base you can end up floundering and struggling. By creating a Sacred Space for yourself you […]

Inspirational Quote - Sacred Space - Meditation

Inspirational Quotes about Guilt

Don’t Let Guilt Block You From Your Divinity – Inspirational Quotes #48

Guilt can either hold you back from growing, or it can show you what needs to shift in your life. Everyone experiences guilt (well, normal people, at least). The way you handle it will determine your sense of well-being. Do you let guilt paralyse you and cripple your personal growth? Or do you use it […]

Be True to Who You Really Are – Inspirational Quotes #47

Today I want to share with you something that I first learned from my Guru… just be who you are. Well I had always heard this advice in many places. But It was my Guru who showed me what that really meant. Part of his mission was to re-educate people about the true nature of […]

Inspirational Quotes - Be Yourself

Take Nothing Personally - Inspirational Quotes

Take Nothing Personally – Inspirational Quotes #46

When we feel hurt or offended because of what someone said or did to us, we are taking it personally. In those moments it is our ego which is hurt. When we say things along the lines of “Why did he do that to me?”, it is the “me” of ego that feels as though it […]

You Control How You Experience Life – Inspirational Quotes #45

The way we experience life is a reflection of our attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours. We cannot control events that happen in the world. But we can control how we respond. The way we respond determines whether or not we have a happy and content life. Today, right now, you have a choice. You can be […]

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Inspirational Quotes Motivation

Don’t Give Up – Inspirational Quotes #44

The calm always follows the storm. Any kind of change, transformation, or creation needs first to go through a period of struggle. That seems to be the way nature works. The results we hope for don’t just fall easily into our lap. We have to work hard to achieve it. We have to struggle against […]

Become the Presence of God – Inspirational Quotes #43

To experience the peace and stillness of spiritual consciousness is actually incredibly simple. It is only our mind and thoughts that prevent us from being the full potential of our Divinity. As we have grown up we have been conditioned with many belief patterns and thinking habits. We have learned to identify our sense of […]

Eckhart Tolle quotes - presence of God

Today is Beautiful, Inspirational Quote

Today is Beautiful – Inspirational Quotes #42

Beauty, peace, and harmony are always present. It is only our mind, our perspective, which prevents us from seeing it. Your world is full of amazing things. Miracles are constantly happening around you in your everyday life. When you stop, breathe, and listen, you can see that the world is always in harmony. Even the […]

Are You Alive? – Inspirational Quotes #41

May I ask you a question? Are you living? Or are you merely existing? I think too many people are stuck in the routine of trying to survive, trying to provide for their family, trying to pay the bills and the rent. They spend 90% of their time doing stuff they don’t really like, in […]

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Eckhart Tolle Quote - Live in the Present Moment

The Present is all you Ever Have – Inspirational Quotes #40

One universal theme common to every kind of teaching from spiritual masters throughout history and all cultures, is to be in the present moment. Spend time with any genuine spiritual teacher and you’ll see that they live fully in the “NOW”. This is true regardless of religion or spiritual tradition. Coincidence? Of course not. The […]